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Andy works as a mental health nurse for the NHS. Alongside this, he has performed as a solo singer/songwriter, and sung with various a-cappella choirs and ensembles. These include The Keepers Of The Fire Choir, The Bristol Georgian Choir and The Sweeneys barbershop quartet. He is nicknamed ‘The Cello’, because of the consistently rich and ringing quality of his tenor register. Andy is Jenny Bell’s wingman. He has been singing with Jen for the past three and a half years as part of THE NIGHT BUS CHOIR, singing in shows such as GYMNAST and IN A TOWN in its previous incarnations.


Katy works at the Bristol Royal Infirmary as a study coordinator within a surgical research team. She looks at new treatments, surgical techniques and technologies that are designed to improve the care and quality of life of patients with cancer. She is captain of The Beautiful Machine, and has been with Jen on IN A TOWN since the start. Her voice has a smoky, tremulous tone that is uniquely passionate, and will leave you in love. Over the years she has collaborated with numerous artists and musicians in Bristol and beyond in projects as a singer, guitarist and songwriter. She was lead singer and songwriter of The Sexy Clowns and of the phenomenally successful band The She Creatures.


John is a well-versed composer and performer of music. His voice is a lullaby. You could listen to it forever. As well as making up half of the gypsy/country/folk duo ‘The Glowglobes’, John devises music for theatre and storytelling, while also working as a session guitarist and double bass player. Having recently returned from touring with the Jane Taylor band he is now composing the music for a new production involving puppetry and spoken word. He is also working on a third studio album. He has been involved in IN A TOWN from the start. John has spent his life avoiding work as he has no qualifications and hates being told what to do. At the age of nineteen, having been called up for jury service, John experienced a (seemingly) sudden mental and emotional breakdown in the court waiting room, from which he is still recovering.


Harry currently works in a bakery. He is also an actor, comedian, theatre deviser, theatre technician and musician. He is a master improviser and wit. He did a degree in philosophy at Cardiff University and has used it to inform his satirical song writing, both as himself, and as character Adrian, the Vicar. He has sung with Jenny in BOY, and is in THE NIGHT BUS CHOIR. He has been in IN A TOWN from the start. He has a phenomenal range, from effortless, velvety bass to falsetto. He is also rather good looking.


Natalie is a singer-songwriter based in Bristol, influenced by folk song and sacred choral music. She graduated from Dartington College of Art, Devon in 2007, with a BA in Music and Composition. She sings with astonishing accuracy, ease, and full-bodied purity. She often performs under the solo artist name Hawthorn, mixing electronic live looping on the themes of medieval mythology, fairy tales and video games. She is currently studying to become a counsellor. She has been working with Jen on IN A TOWN since summer of 2012.


Phil has written two albums and performed across the UK as a singer songwriter. His voice is soulful, in the truest sense. He performs regularly in Paris and Europe. He composes music for theatre, dance, TV and film. He has worked with Laila Diallo, Theatre Rites, Arthur Pita, Redweather Productions and Champloo. He has been involved in IN A TOWN since September 2012.


Verity is a freelance performer, composer, musical director and choir leader based between London and Bristol. She is a solo artist as well as working in collaboration with Living Structures Immersive Theatre Company, The Original Spinners Clowning Collective and The RSPLB. To date, her collaborative work focuses on the voice and how it can be manipulated through space, intimacy and live performance. Her solo work focuses on using and manipulating our perceptions of the ‘feminine’ voice/aesthetic. She very much enjoys incorporating stylised movement, theatre and farce into muliebral environments.  Her compositions are emotional and innovative and echo a wide variety of choral styles and approaches. Her voice is highly articulate, full of feeling and incredibly beautiful.


Cele is a prolific musician, as well as a passionate performer of traditional African dance. Teaming up with jazz musicians across Bristol, she often performs at The Coronation Tap, and is part of Bristol Collective The Rawness, that blends hip-hop, soul, and jazz. She has supported Mica Paris, Pee Wee Ellis, Fred Wesley, Tarrus Riley, and The Temptations. She has recorded a co-wrote a solo album ‘Secret Side’. Her vocal talent is second to none; compelling, fantastically dextrous, and soulful. She is the most recent member of The Beautiful Machine.


Jeff is a bass guitarist, composer and producer. He has played bass with Elliott Randall, Busnoys, Resonation Big Band, Joe Wright’s Night Jar and Pee Wee Ellis, but to name a few, and currently leads his own 12-piece jazz orchestra called Crocodile, featuring some of London’s top contemporary jazz talent. As a composer he has had works commissioned and performed at Chaos Festival, the Elektrostatic concert series in Bristol, Colston Hall, BBC London, FastCarr Productions and the Media Trust. He is an accomplished multi-instrumentalist, and is currently studying for a PhD in composition. He also happens to have perfect pitch and a gorgeous bass through to falsetto voice, with a singing teacher and choir leader for a mother.


Jenny is a director, vocal composer and singer. She is on Bristol’s first Happy List, as one of the city’s Happiness Champions.

She directs The Beautiful Machine, The Night Bus Choir, The Star and Dove Choir, The Lunch Box Choir and The BIMM Choir. She has worked as a composer or choir director with artists such as Bodies in Flight, Fiksdal, Langgård & Becker, Reggie Watts and Wilkie Branson. Her latest song cycle, Temple Songs – produced by Theatre Bristol and Watershed – was performed at Mayfest.

Her compositions are uniquely moving, driving and intricate. Her stories celebrate the quiet victories of every day. She is a devilishly precise a-cappella singer, with a voice  that could complement any.

She is on a mission to make heroes out of all of us.


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