IN A TOWN is a song cycle performed a-cappella by 11 singers.

The songs are stories – sometimes told in the first person, sometimes told as trio/quartet, and sometimes the entire Chorus is narrator, singing about being in a town.

The show is currently in development. We have performed three times at Bristol Old Vic, Ferment and experimented with different ways of staging the piece, working in collaboration with Twisted Theatre, and with dramaturgical support from Tom Morris.

The express aim is to create a concert with a theatrical atmosphere, but without making conventional musical theatre. The design is influenced by live art and music video conventions, creating a simple, captivating set for the songs.

The singers are characterful, and have unique, beautiful voices. It isn’t amplified, and it is intimate.  It is a spectacle of lights, installed around a series of story-driven soundscapes. Audiences are moved, because the singing is sincere, and emotional, and the stories pack a punch.

The show has had the kind support of Kate Yedigaroff and Emma Bettridge at Ferment, Bristol Old Vic, Arnolfini, Theatre Bristol, Tobacco Factory Theatre, DanceSpace and Tom Morris.

Executive Producer Theatre Bristol

Management Support Jan Winter

Director and Composer Jenny Bell

Choreographer Dan Canham

Dramaturg Lucy Cassidy

Designer/Stylist Maria Mochnacz

Additional Material Simon Jones, Dom Cauldwell and Sam Halmarack


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