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Here is a small selection of IN A TOWN feedback, from two versions of the piece.

From Ferment, November 2011

“I feel I have been part of the heartbeat of an ordinary day in our extraordinary lives.”

“Enigmatic, powerful, sensitive and delicate. An entertaining and captivating portrayal of urban living and the human condition through the medium of voice.”

“Really fab. I mean really fab. Exceeded all expectations. Would recommend it to a lot of people (all ages and backgrounds).”

“It was like listening to a long play record in three dimensions. Some very moving subject matter; very powerful singing.”

“Pictures in sounds and words. Magical! Stunning, surprising, engaging.””

“BREATHTAKING. Incredible dynamics. A triumph of pitching incredibly difficult notes with unerring and seemingly effortless ease. What exceptional, talented artistes. The art of pianissimo sets this show apart. One step up from the King’s Singers.”

“A song cycle in which each song lights up for a moment an individual, often lonely life.”

“A constellation.”

“The best a-cappella I have ever seen. A synchronicity between people – essentially humanity – which made me shiver, smile and cry […] it was stunning. I haven’t been quite so affected since seeing Ian McKellen and Patrick Stuart in Waiting for Godot.”

From Ferment July 2011

“An intense, thought provoking piece using voice and subtle movement, which pulls you emotionally in many directions […] it was a real experience!”

“A wondrous sonic journey down the streets and into the sitting rooms of every town.”

“Fantastic vocal stories, melancholic, beautiful and brilliant […] could’ve watched it all day.”

“Goose pimpley, stunning, beautiful songs, voices, stories – absolute must see.”

“Very clever. It was really emotional; the songs were really good, very creative.”

“A wonderfully moving and expressive piece of experimental theatre.”