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“The quality of the singing and musical direction is superb […] this piece is a delightful surprise for the whole audience.”

Rina Vergano

Click here to read Venue Magazine’s full review of In a Town, at Ferment 2011.


Dan is In a Town’s choreographer. His own performance work often explores sense of place. He conducts interviews with folk who share stories with him about their stomping grounds. He turns these audio anecdotes into soundscapes for dance. Dan maps people’s memories through movement, as if they are vivid, physical spaces.

Check him out.

In a Town Arnolfini Dan

Alex, another of the In a Town designers, is on board with the project in the future. He is a sound and light live artist, specialising in performance, audio and digital technologies. He is an associate artist at Arnolfini.

Check him out.

Alex’s woodland installation at IBT’s Up to Nature. In a Town’s set is a hundred lightbulbs, suspended above the singers.

Night falls on to the thousand windows of our town. And they’re all shining, like constellations of lightbulbs and songs, families and theatres of our lives.

In a Town

Maria is one of the designers for the show.  We are really excited about her approach, because she’s a music video maker and photographer, rather than a theatre designer. Check her out.


The aim is not to make a musical. It could be, easily. We’ve talked about treating each song like a music video, so the scenes are evocative, rather than acted out.